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Let me first say "Hi" and that I'm very glad to find your board.

I have a 58 Chevy Apache Fleetside, with the big back glass... and there is a long story to how I came to have this thing....

My dad had the very same truck I have now, when I was a kid. I'm 25 now. His old man gave it to him. So you could kinda say its a family heirloom (although I think hierlooms are supposed to be kinda nice, so this truck in its current state might not fit that description)

My grandpa always told my dad to get rid of this truck. So whats my dad do? Well he commences to fixing the truck up =P He had a 67 frame put under it and a 77ish Pontiac 301 put in. He also had the thing beadblasted and painted.

My poor dad. He got really unlucky with the guys he had do the work. He ended up just letting the guy who did the body work have the truck instead of paying him for the crap job he had done.
I was so mad at my old man for getting rid of that truck, I really laid into him good one time!~

About 4 years later I was working for this guy doing construction. He owed me about 4k in back wages and I figured I wasn't ever gonna see that money. Then lo and behold I see the old 58 Apache sitting near the house I was staying at! The guy I was working for knew the guy that owned it now. They talked, and we ended up siding this guys house in exchange for the Apache that my dad and grandpa both had driven and owned. My boss gave me the truck to pay his debt to me. So its like I got this truck for free, well not really, but kinda =P

I've been really lucky so far in that I found a man to work on my truck that did me right. He redid the brakes, the vacuum lines, and the power steering pump.

Now I'm starting to do some stuff to it myself. And let me tell ya! I''ll be under that truck just cussing those guys my dad had working on it. Sometimes I really wish I didn't have this thing. You see I know nothing about cars/trucks, when everyone in high school was in auto shop, I was in computer programming class.

I've got a long road ahead of me with a lot of learning to do. I really love the hell outta this truck and I want to get it working right. Hopefully I can find some help and I'll end up keeping this truck, I really want to.... but the practicality of the situation really says I should sell it. So for now, heres to stubborness and the wealth of information on this board and the internet =)

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Welcome. No better place to be to find out what you need to know on your truck. Just take it one step at a time and it will be a labor of love. And realize it will also be a very long journey (I have been working on my Willys for 40 years!) but what else would you be doing with your time!?
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