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Alright I'm hopping someone will be able to help me I've searched trough a couple differnent forums and and both have same lists.
Problem: I'm trying to pinpoint the motor I have and what it came out of.
I got the block casting number in the back driver side as 14010207 there is also a big C and #5. Depending on site it's a 80-85 350 with 2 or 4 bolt main.
Next head case numbers both read 462624 which appears to be 76-87 350. Both have date stamp of F 11 4 which I read as June 11 (198)4 Passenger has an 11 to the side while driver has a 13 which I'm not sure what they signify.
Now the stamp on the front passenger appears to be V0612SUN. There's the problem no site I found has SUN and if it read as nearest possibility, SDN, it would be a 84 305 from any model other than vette or truck. Also where the stamp is on block is different than pics I've seen for examples and therefore no partial VIN.
Sorry so long just would really like to know. It's in a 52 ford Truck btw :) I'm going to post pics of best close ups and zoomed out for orientation.
Also not sure what the CED under distributed is?!?


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There are still a lot of undocumented and unverified code stampings that were used, and it appears you have one. Don't get overly worried about that.

The fact it is a "207" casting pins it to the 80-85 4.000" bore 350 block, and not a 305 with a 3.746" bore. To know if it is 4-bolt main or not will require you removing the oil pan and having a look.

Heads (624) are nothing special at all, and one of the common worst SBC heads ever made, as far as performance capability. The are also a lightweight casting, and prone to cracking. These were not used on 305's, so that also points to it being a 350. They have big 76-78cc combustion chambers

Short block is as good as any basic 350, better heads and cam are all it needs to perk it right up. The '96-2002 Vortec 350 casting is among the most popular head swap, castings 906 and 062. Raises compression almost 1.5 points because they are 64cc chambers and much better airflow.
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