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GM Clip install

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I'm in the process of installing a G body front clip on a 51' Chevy truck. I've got the truck frame level front to back and side to side. I've got the front wheel centerlines scribed on the floor and both the truck frame and clip have been cut and ready to put together. My question is what do you level off of when installing the clip, front to rear. The side to side is no problem, but I want to make sure both sides are on the same level plane and that it does not have any twist in it before I start welding it. I have read several posts on this subject and I do remember one that said to level the lower A frames. I cannot see a good flat place to set the level on the lower A frame, even reading the level from the bottom of it.
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subframe ponderin'

try laying a level across(passenger to drivers side)on top of the upper a-arm mounting bars the ones used for the alignment(you might have to space them up with some 2x2 box so you can use a 4 foot level,that should give you left to right.I would use a measuring stick on the spindle centerline to ground then compare rear axle flange centeline to ground to get correct ride height installed(this wont work if your rear suspension is not at ride height you want)but incedentally you can change your truck to have a rake or lower the front end without buying lower suspension components simply by moving the subframe up evenly. :thumbup:
GM Clip

Thanks for the help. I don't know why I didn't think of that, guess I was too concerned about not having a flat surface to work off of. It worked out great, everything checked out and I don't see any problem with it sitting right and running down the road straight now. I am beginning to see why most people that have done this say to save your money until you can afford a MustangII setup. I don't think it could be anywhere near as time consuming as installing a clip. Just more expensive.
front clip

sorry about the late reply,out of town for holiday...glad i could help,mustang 2 front end parts are easier to install but you pay for it up front,getting a front gm clip can be as little as free if the car is an eyesore in someones yard!
again ...glad i could help... :thumbup:
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