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GM dealership Parts Books

Sorry for the lack of pictures cause it's a huge book.This is an original GM parts dept parts book,,well actually it's 3 books in one binder.The first part is 1973-1978 truck parts catalog with illustraions,the 2nd is the complete illustraion part of the book,,and the 3rd is a 1946-72 chassis and body parts catalog thru 1 ton trucks,,series 10-20-30.These 3 books are in excellant condition and I am no longer able to work on anything because of extreme medical conditions,,so the book might as well be in someones library and put to use.These catalogs are amazing because they give all the vin code breakdowns and history of all of the vehicles represented,,like I said,,these books came right out of a GM dealership I worked for for many years.They are NOT some crappy Haynes book,,not even remotely.The book weighs 15lbs and is 6 inches thick,,I have no idea how much the shipping will be but that can figures at the time of sale.This book will be an excellant addition to any restorers or hotrodders library.The last time I used it was 3 years ago and suprisingly,,a lot of the part numbers are still in effect.I realize the price is high but considering the amount of information that is involved,,it's really not all that much.

Asking Price: $500.00
Condition: Excellent

Location (City, State, Country): Calhoun Ga 30701
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