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I've searched and searched for this, and I'm sure it's just because I'm not using the right search terms to find it.

What I'm doing is swapping the LT1 engine and other assorted bits from a 1996 Camaro into a 1965 IH Scout 80. One of the bits I'd like to also swap in is the steering column (mainly for the tilt functions, and it already being wired/set up for cruise control, not to mention I already have it :D).

However, I'm NOT going to have the ignition cylinder/switch on the steering column, rather relocating to the center console area (I will be building a custom steel weather sealed center console, similar to the Tuffy consoles, that will hold some of the radio equipment that I plan to also put the ignition switch into to keep dust/dirt/water/mud/etc out of it as well as keep the keys the heck away from my knees when I'm bouncing around off road :D)

I seem to recall seeing an aftermarket replacement steering column cover/sleeve that does NOT have the hole for the ignition cylinder for this type of situation, but can't seem to find it now. I can easily make one, but if I figure if something is already available on the market, all the better :)
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