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I bought the ignition from a 63 and a a 75 GM headlight switch, looks like they will work fine

except the headlight switch didn't come with the little triangle rod and bezel and nut and stuff, and i dont like the nut that came with the ignigtion, where can i get those pieces other than a junkyard?


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The nut that came with the ignition switch is a 'back-up nut'.
The bezel is threaded to tighten to the dash.

Part # B9270 At Classic Industries--------9.95 in my new catalog
If you purchase from them--might as well get the Bezel tool
$16.95 pn T10010, this is designed to tighten the bezel nut without scratching the chrome.

As far as the Headlight switch knob--There are several to choose from
71-75 knob will be the correct length
pn 3996284 -- $19.95

There are 5 different ones in the catalog
Also--these can be obtained from a custom/speed shop with billet knobs.

Can also go junking--and pick one from a GM product you like.

Classic Industries-----1-800-854-1280

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