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GM Turbo 400 transmission question

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I got a project car that I'm rebuilding the motor on. It also came with a turbo 400 transmission. I have no reason to think anything is wrong with the transmission and and I don't really want to take it to a transmission shop for inspection. but is there anything I should check for before bolting it up and running it?
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Flip it on its side. Remove the pan and look for junk. If it is clean install a new filter. Notice I said side.
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Thank you. I got the turbo 400 with a Pontiac 326 in a separated state. Can you share if there's supposed to be a spacer between the engine and the transmission or any other provision? Thank you
No spacer or seperator plate between the engine and the transmission.

Fpacer/seperator plate between automatic transmissions and engine blocks is pretty much a Ford and Mopar thing....GM didn't do it.
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