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i do have another question though the cam went flat in the 305 and we replaced it will a set of lifters and k1103 cam from summit and now when you time it if its on 0 degrees advanced its fine but even on 4 degrees advanced it has a hard time starting sometimes when its warm it acts like it has a dead battery kind of i dont really know any other way of explaining it but we tried to move the distributor a tooth backwards but it will not move from that spot on the cam otherwise if it does move a tooth its way to far basically also my heat only works on one setting for the fan speed iv cleaned the contact points and it doesnt really do anything plus it doesnt blow through the dash vents it blows through the defrost and floor vents only
I think you should start a new thread in the Hotrodding basics section describing your issue. Sounds like you have the timing chain off a tooth, a distributor issue, or something else outta whack. Again, start a new thread. You'll find a ton of help. Post part numbers and engine specs.
1 - 1 of 23 Posts
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