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I bought a new 7.5/8 Auburn posi in 1999 for my 81 Malibu mild 355 ci rebuild and up graded 700R4 with 295/50/15 street radios. Ive all so put a used auburn from a 86 Z/28 in my 78 El camino 305 H/O th350 w/2000 stall 245/60/15 street radios, both toys do good burn outs and leave two to four feet of rubber when I bang second gear. Now Im not saying the 7.5, 7.625 or 7.5/8 is bullet proof fare from it but it can and will last with street tires, But you cant beat the snot out of it ether. Not trying to get in to a pissing match, just saying what I know from experience.

1 - 2 of 23 Posts
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