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Good bed liner

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I would like to put a nice bed liner in my S-10, but I don't know of any good bed liners. I would like to have RinoLinings do it but they want alot of $$$ to do it. My brother did Herculiner in his truck and it all started wearing off in a year. I heard there is a bed liner that House of Kolors sells is it any good? any other brands?

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The key to most of those liners is the thickness. I just did my s-10 with Duplicolor and it turned out really nice. It is a very hard coating. Mine is show/race only so I dont have to worry about the thickness. If you are using it for a work truck it will take at least 3 gallons to get a coating thick enough to last.

I used a syphon blow gun and thinned it 4:1 to get a smoother finish.

Forgot to say that you also have to scuff the bed good to get good adhesion, or it will not last.

I have looked into the various products for my running boards. Make sure you ask if the product is UV stable. O lot of them are not and they won't always volunteer that fact. If they claim it is and you decide to use them, be sure to get the UV stability claim in writing.
Ok, thanks guys. I am going to be putting a tonneua cover on my truck and I will not be putting anything back there, so would I have to put a ton of coats? I have an air suspension on my truck that comes up into the bed, so that is why I will not be putting anything in there it will just be for looks.
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