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Anybody else build a setup with awesome throtte response,One that I did that was good was:
1970 C10 converted from a C20 shortbed
383 9.7:1
Vortec heads
1.6 roller rockers
Performer rpm intake
street avenger 670cfm
Hei 50k distributor
comp 268XE cam
gear drive
2200 stall
3.73 12 bolt posi
anyone else build anything that had great throttle response and was great for driving around town in,Please post your info from the build as well.

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1973 454, 60-over
Comp XE262H, 218/224 duration with 110 LSA
049 heads
Edelbrock performer intake
Mallory HEI (which I hate... very unstable spark timing and shaft flex)
2" hooker headers, 3.5" collector, 2.5" duals, Flowmaster 70-series mufflers, H pipe. A litte on the big side but they were new and free.
Qjet 800, carefully tuned with gas analyzer

Part of what makes this a snappy throttle is that with the low compression and auto tranny I was able to lock the mechanical at 36* and run ported vacuum. Its no screamer, but it probably makes a pretty solid 400 hp and it will break loose 255/70-15 balloony tires on a 2.73:1 12-bolt.
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