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Hey Everyone,

I was wondering if anyone can suggest a good Technical School in Atlanta, GA? I currently don't live there, but I'm considering moving there to live with some relatives for awhile. I'm signed up for an AutoBody stater class that only runs until October, and was thinking that maybe I could find a different program that is good. I've searched online and found a lot of schools, but it's hard to know what's good.

I'd be living pretty close to the Emory campus. I'd preferably like to find something close to around there since I know Atlanta is huge city! I found Lanier Technical College with an Autobody program. There is also Gwinnett Technical College and Dekalb Technical College with Auto Tech Programs. Has anyone gone to these schools? Can anyone suggest any good schools?

Lanier Autobody
Dekalb Tech
Gwinnett Tech
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