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Hello. In my city, we have the Knox Mountain Hill Climb every year. It is, I think, the longest running paved hillclimb in North America. I drive up the road plenty of times a year, the veiw is very nice from up top.

But anywho, I'd love to be able to enter in 2008, but I need some help with whether my car is even capable of running it or not.

Its a 1991 Mustang 4-Banger. It lacks power, which is my biggest concern. But when preparing a car for Autocross or road racing type stuff, what is most important?

I know low Unsprung weight is important handelling, but is money better invested in engine power, or making the vehicle nimble?

This most likley won't happen, simply because last year people reached upwards of 150 kph on the straight aways (click the link, you'll see what I mean), and I don't have any experience...but it's a fun goal.WooHoo

Thanks fella's!

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In prepping a road course or auto cross car the most vital is the handling..Power is important but I can tell you that having an ill handling pig of a car with a lot of power gets one nowhere on a road course..Look into what classification you would run in as there are several different divisions and your mustang may fit well in one of them..

I would be concerned to see just how your car fits into the weight and displacement breaks..I fyou get into the over 2800cc limit..I think yours is about 2500 if I remember right and how much weight can you take out and stay in the rule book..of course I am being "serious" about being competitive..

Bopttom line I would say go for it as you will learn a lot..

Good luck..lots of fun and some real nice folks are involved in that area..

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