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"But how do it know?"
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Hi All,

I noticed something interesting this morning while doing a general search on Google for Chevy inline six motors.

Now normally when I am doing a search of this sort, I will try a combination of keywords: Chevy, Chevrolet, straight six, inline six, etc. Depending on how challenging a search gets (too many or too few results), I may use one, two or all of the keywords at once. But I will end up trying different combinations just to make sure I don't miss anything that is relevant to my search.

This morning, however, I noticed that even though my search specified Chevrolet straight six, Google also substituted Chevy and inline six automatically in order to get me the most relevant results (not everyone uses every single one of those keywords when typing up a post on a forum, of course). I thought this was really cool and helpful. Definitely reduces the time spent searching.

Just so no one thinks that Google is a Chevy fan (though they could be), I tried searching again with Ford mod motor and it looked for modular along with mod in the results.

By the way, if this party has been going on for a while, then I'm gonna assume I've arrived fashionably late. :D
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