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Got back from a 40 mile drive and found fuel leaking from my fuel tank vent valve, do I need more than one for my fuel tank on my '71 El Camino?

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Hey guys, finally got the new rear end in on my '71 El Camino, aligned, pinion angle adjusted, new brake lines made, and drag bar installed. Been doing long break in drives to work (put 150 miles on it in 2 days).

Basically this is what I noticed. Filled up my gas tank before driving home (about 40 miles the backroad cruising way I like taking), and by the time I got home, I usually do a quick look over of the car and noticed in the back under the gas tank a shiny pool, and noticed it was fuel. Get under the car and found my Tanks Inc. rollover vent valve had a trail of fuel leading down the vent hose and to the floor. Heres the pic

Heres how I have the fuel tank set up. My fuel tank has the obvious fuel sender to my carbureted engine with a return, and this particular tank has 3 vent valves on it. I plugged the outer 2 and only have the inner center going to a vent valve that is higher than the fuel tank. My question is do I need 2 other vent valves to each other vent? Does this vent valve need to be higher? Ive never noticed this issue before. Thanks!