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I got the rear roll pan I needed for my '46 Chevy Panel truck made. It's not mounted yet but it is made anyway. I posted pics in my album so everyone can see how I made it. It was easier than I thought it would be.
I used 20 ga. paint ready sheet metal, the price was right(free!!). To make the first bend I used a 3/4" piece of pipe longer than the pan, clamped it all in place and bent it over with ball pean hammer. Then I spaced out two boards about 3" apart clamped it in place and used a hard rubber mallet to form the bigger curve moving it as I went along to make the whole curve. For the Lic. plate bucket I made the mesurements and cut it with my bandsaw. I only made the top bend in it for now, when I mount the pan I will get the exact curve and cut it out then and bend it. A little fine tuning with a hammer and dollies and a little filler and it should look great.
You guys said I could do it and you were right, like I said it was easier than I thought it would be so Thank you very much for your encourageemnt. ;)

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