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I'm 45 and been around cars since I was 10. Believed Buttera was god.

Studied as a mech engineer, worked as design engineer for a while, worked as Volve mech for a few years and been working in IT for the last 15 years or so...
IT is really boring...Cars are my one of my few therapies left; 'bout the only thing I can do and get totally absorbed and lose myself (dont even smoke then for hours on end...)

Grew up with mostly Mopars
Slant rust Dart, '68 Custom 340 Dart GT, 340 '70 Cuda etc..
Then I went turned import (dad was a Ital car guru/mech)..
Had a stint with Volvos and now drive old Peugeots (dont laugh)

Live in Crete, Greece and American cars here dont exist.
Current project is a Pug 304 resoration, injection and toying with the idea of a "modern" engine swap..

Looking for a VW Ghia rag for next project...

Ultimately, though, always wanted a Deuce (how does on go about it here, I dont have a clue.

Currently working on finishing my garage/basement so I can get out of the rain, and starting on getting some metalworking tools...

Funny thing about cars is that "you may stray but always come back home"



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welcomw Nick..................mostly yankee stuff here, but we can always use a different point of long as it isn't ......"Ricers"..............................
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