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Greetings from the snowy hills of Colorado and Merry Christmas.

I've was here a few years back under some other name that I no longer recall... yes, it's old age.

I've been working on my garage potato for what seems geologic time, well a few years anyway. If it takes you two days to do something, it takes me several months.

My health is slipping and I have to schlepp an O2 bottle on my back when I'm putzing in the garage. Things just take longer.

My project is a '27-ish Ford roadster. I bought a glass body and proceed to cut the turtle deck off with the plan of making it into a roasdter pick up. I have yet to accomplish that. Then I cut the body in half to make it wider to fit the chassis I built which is wider and longer with a 123" wheel base. The two body halves make it much easier to handle and store as my garage is rather small. I can assure you, I think I'm a lot better at fibergalss work than I really am.... and I have a lot of it to do.

I have some questions which I'll post knowing there is a wealth of information out there from you who've done it.

I hope your Christmas is going well. Ours is the way we like it it, the two of us at home with out two dogs and fire going in the wood stove.



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Five minutes a day is all it takes to get something done! Post in the "What did you do today" thread.

Honestly, if you plan on just touching the car for five minutes no matter how you feel, get out and put 5 minutes into the car it WILL get done. If you make excuses and say "later", it never will. I don't care if all you do is arrange some nuts and bolts for the next day, or even just plan out something as long as you are in the garage looking at it. Sometimes all you will do is the 5 minutes, other times you get started and can't stop and put an hour or two in. But either way, SOMETHING gets done and next thing you know it's finished!

These photos can be found on the thread of my Gran Sport. It had been parked for a couple of years without anything being done to it. I made a new years resolution to put 5 minutes a day in it. The first one was when I bolted the right front fender on, it looks complete in the photo but there is no hood or left fender on there. I put the convertible top on, restored the top bows, the whole interior, just five minutes a day. :D



Have fun and post in that thread, we would love to see it coming along!

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