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I was looking for a site that might help me learn some of the finer points of body work and paint. From what I have seen here, I think I have found a home.

I am a hobbyist, only. I usually have one project car at a time. My projects have included a complete concours restoration of a 1952 M38A-1 Willy's jeep, a 1951 Willy's station wagon driver-quality rebuild, full Saleen body kit adaptation to an 05 Mustang GT and my current project, a not-even-close-to-concours remake of a 68 Mustang coupe....lots of horsepower now searching for a decent looking body.

I have always done the mechanical stuff and sub'd out the body and paint. I am going to work this winter to try and learn the artsy side of rebuilding....with your help, of course.

I am 52, married for 25 years this October and am currently putting my two sons through mechanical engineering school at the University of Missouri, Columbia. I work for an international company and travel a LOT. Wrenching has always been therapy and a way to unwind.

I look forward to receiving lots of good information and if I can contribute on the mechanical side, I will




1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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