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Greyish Smoke Coming Outta The Exhaust

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I know ive been askin alot but u guys have been helping me out with most my problems!!! :D So im gunna ask another question......After my trucks been sitting over night or for a long period of time and I go to start it.. I notice a greyish or light black smoke coming out of the exhaust for about 2 seconds then it goes away... could i have bad rings or bad valve seals?
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99% of the time it is bad valve seals, and it's no big deal, will run for years that way.
thnx alot! for the quick response my mechanic told me to add some stop smoking agent into the oil...suppose to also stop my rear main seal leaking to.... will see what happens!.... highly doubt it tho....
Chevys have problem with sucking oil from the bottom of the intake pull the intake and see if the ports are wet,also a tsb for no or worn valve guide seals.
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