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Im hoping you all can help me with this ongoing issue. Its not a hot rod, but I've gotten alot of help with my hot rod from this community, so here goes.... I have a 2004 Chevy Silverado 2500HD with 6.0 (Ext. cab). Ive had it bout 8 years and have probably put 5 batteries in it. Something keeps draining them and I give up trying to find it. I had a remote starter put in it when I first got it. That may have been the only thing played with since Ive owned it. Oh yeah and running boards. I hardly drive this truck.

Non start. Very strange. It can sit for a month, start right up. Other times I drive it 3 or 4 days in a row, come out the next day, dead as hell.

Dash lights cutting in and out. Sometimes if I push on the dimmer switch around the dial really hard, or move the dial up and down real quick, they come on. Usually for only a brief amount of time.

Passenger side mirror directional built into the mirror really dim. This just started.

Oil pressure gauge - cant remember the last time it worked. Not sure if its related.

I also THINK a rear reverse light keeps blowing. I just had it inspected and they replaced it, bout a month ago, but I think its out again. Not sure if its related though.

Things Ive tried to fix
New negative battery cable
New starter
Checked all fuses. Couldnt find any with power, but still had draw on the battery (disconnected negative batter cable and had my test light between the negative post and the negative cable and was still lit up).
Checked 2 big ground wires underneath the drivers door bolted to the frame. Seemed ok.

Thanks for any help you all can give me.
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On your battery drain test you really need a amp meer between the batter post and batter terminal. If it's above 1/2 amp, begine pulling fuses one at a time till it drops to .5 and you at least know what circuit it is. Likely a stuck door switch or possibly heater relay, possibly a alternator.

If your thinkig ground, Start adding them. You cna replace or just as easily add more using 18g wire and cheap hoops for ends. More is better. Clean off the area, grind or sand it shiny, add your hoops and a dab of dialectric grease run it the nut or screws down.

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I had a similar problem with my 17 2500 and it turned out to be a loose battery cable where the positive cable connects after leaving the battery. I kept loosing time on the clock and telling me to raise and lower the drivers window. Then sometimes it just was dead.
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