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Gt grant steering wheel has gap

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When I was replacing my turn signal wire harness I went ahead and bought a new grant mounting kit (I already had a gt grant steering wheel on it before) and when I went to replace it now I have about an inch wide gap between the column and the mounting plates. I've got the nut tightened down as far as it will go and the cap on the column is shoved down as far as it can go. Also the spring that holds the horn button in up just slides around with nothing to hold it in place (looks like the post had been cut). Does anyone have any suggestions on how to get rid of the huge gap and fix the horn or should I just replace it with a genuine pony steering wheel?

P.S. it's a 1966 mustang.
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I think you have the wrong adapter for your installation. I have never seen that much of a gap before.

yeah i just put a gant wheel on my 68 cougar and its not like that. try posting a picture so we can maybe see whats going on.
Hi: Let's put this in Suspension-Brakes-Steering.

I'll get pictures taken today and ill find the mouting kit number while i'm at it.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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