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Big cubic inches small Chevy!
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Hi everybody, I have no Desktop Dyno at home, no Dyno really near from home...

I would like to know how many horspower (by your experience or Dyno desktop if you have one) my car have and if someone want to take a guess on the best time on quarter miles with all this car information.

There is the car and the spec.

Chevy Nova SS 74 (3500 pounds)
454 bored 0.60 (468 CI) Compression Ratio arount 9.45
Oval port Head (353049) Ported and polish Stage 3
Valve Job 3 angle 2.19-1.88 Manley Severy duty Valves
1.509 Dual Competition Valve Spring (matched to the cam)
Chrome moly Retainer and 10 degre lock (matched to valvetrain)
115 CC chamber (Original Head Shaved 65 thousand)
1.70 full Roller Crane Cam
Hooker competition headers 2 inch primary and 3.5 inch at the collector
305 H Hydrolic Radical Cam 575 lift Int/Ext. 305 duration Int/Ext 253 at .050
4.310 Speed Pro hypereuthetic Piston with 0.100 dome 1 valve relief
Summit racing HEI - Upgrade Pertronix
Spark Plug Wires, 409 Pro Race, 10.4 mm
6.135 - 5130 I beam Rod
Scat 4.00 Crank
Everything Balanced and Blueprinted (before head incident)
3500 B&M Stall
19 Thousand Head Gasket
20 thousand Deck
Weiand Team-G 7523 (2,500-7,900 RPM) Matched to the head
Holley 850 Mech. DP (upgrade by BIGS) Matched to the engine
TH350 Transmission with TCI shift Kit
3.73 Rear End (8.5 ten bolts)
Muffler: Flowmaster deltaflow 50 series
Tire:ET Street, 28in.x 11.50in.x 15in #3754
Landrum Mono-Leaf Spring
Competition Engineering Slide-a-link Traction Bar
Competition Engineering Frame-Connector
Double Timing chain (Comp-Cam)
Weiand Team G aluminum Water pump
4 core radiator (cooper)
Moroso Coil Spring (front)
Front-Rear Competition engineering Drag Shocks
Serie 90 Weld wheels, 8 inch rear (4.5 Backspacing) and 5 1/2 front.
91 Octane Gaz.

Thanks to everyone help me.

I'm really curious to know the Best Estimed E.T time and horspower with all your experience.

P.S. This car have the original Beige cream Paint and Gold/Red/brown strip with 56 430 miles.

I'm the 3rd Owner, the original guy, my uncle and me. (Canadian Car)

I love chevy Brand....There is the best car ever (My opinion)


Big cubic inches small Chevy!
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''i think the Beige cream paint is worth a tenth or so.''

Ahahahahah, I put all the money in the mechanical and weight transfert parts...I really laughin when I see a beautiful car not capable to smoke his tire.....So I put around 20000$ CDN on my car, everything is new, all the bushing, driveline...and all the stuff...the last thing I have to do is March Pulley and brackets, A DUI Distributor (Matched to my car), and A paint...It's a beautiful car, even if is the original paint:p ...I'm looking for a new paint, but I really dont know what colore to paint it, Huge orange, red, blue.....I have no idea...

Anyway this car is fast for a full street car....Want to race:thumbup: I'll win.....:)


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I would guess your power at around 500-550 hp. I know a guy that just built a 9.5:1 compression 468 with ported 049's and a hydraulic roller cam with around 240 @.050 duration and around 575 lift. His motor was dynoed, and made 550 hp and 550 tq. If this hp estimate is correct, your car should run mid to low 11's.
One question, have you already got the motor togather?
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