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Gunna swap cams on 383/177 set up

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I’ve decided I cant help myself and I’m going to swap cams on my Weiand 177 powered 383.

I feel like the current cam, a retro fit crower 238/240 .555/.559 on a 110 lsa, is just robbing power potential and I feel like with almost 20 degrees of cam overlap im getting a lot of exhaust reversion. Plus, im having to really spin the blower to get any PSI out of it.

I know psi is just a measurement of what isn’t getting through the engine, but I would like to spin the blower less rpm and get the same pressure or more.

The two I’m looking at are Howard’s cams but open to other suggestions. Both have an overlap of just 2 degrees.

One is 235/233 .544./.540 on a 116LSA and the other is a 225/235 .525/.536 on a 114LSA.

The motor set up is a fully forged 383 with 200cc runner heads, rings gapped for boost, carb motor in a 95’ Silverado. Curious on opinions?
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As far as not having the boost reference pressure don't need one.
It would only be required with a blow thru carb (either sealed hat or full carb enclosure) or with fuel injection.

On a draw-thru supercharged application, the carb acts as if it was just on a bigger naturally aspirated engine.....since the fuel bowl isn't pressurized by boost, adding boost reference to the fuel regulator and raising pressure as boost increases will just lead to carb flooding or over fueling by overpowering the float and needle/seat.
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