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finally pulled the trigger on got me an aluminum dent puller. Although I haven't used it yet I'm highly impressed by the attachments and how quickly you can go from metal to aluminum. I will be using it soon and giving feedback as I go, as there's literally NO reviews out there on this. What I can review at this point is what it comes with. So here goes

the aluminum collet calls for two grounds and comes with two sets of threaded studs for 5000 series aluminum with magnesium(most popular)
and a set of studs for 6000 series aluminum with silicone(more pliable and soft). After the stud is welded to the surface you screw on a on a loop in which you
can make multi pulls with a rod and claw, traditionally on a bridge where you you tighten a bolt to pull as you add heat.(bridge sold separately) Dent puller comes
with adjustable voltage so all you need to do is adjust voltage and clean all surfaces including stud with a stainless steel wire brush.

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The steel arm pull and twist attachment. This one is for final touches on metal. Pretty self explanatory and looks very useful. Weld the head and use the rubber cushion
to push down on the brows to make light final pulls. Great for finishing a panel off before mud, and quick!

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