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The wife is dead set on "mother of pearl white with a purple clear coat" So guess what color it IS goin to be? .Have you ever seen this done before? Seems like it would wash out the pearl with the purple clear.I`ll have to go get some H.D. decals to put under the clear coat.
Got a beater truck for sale right now, it should sell soon, and i`ll box up the trike sheet metal and ship it to you. I`ll send denaro too.(Triump subject) There is a box of parts taped to the crate.Let me know when you receive it. Too cool !!!!
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I have honestly never even heard of such a paint scheme. Mother of pearl is basically and egg shell white with a whole lotta white pearl in the clear. Putting a purple candy coat over that wouldn't really do anything but make it a pale purple, the pearl wouldn't really be visable. Now a basic purple transparent base with added white pearl would give it a purple mother of pearl type look if there is such a thing. Kinda like a purple bowling ball without the swirls just the color. If that what she wants, that I can do :D

Why don't you just put the trike sheetmetal in the crate and ship it for free? If any damage occurs I'm sure it won't be much and that I can fix it with no problem.

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