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Came across an old Hawk Tach that has an RPM range of 0 to 13000.
Wires coming out back of it are Red Black Yellow White Green and Blue..
Any idea(s) on how to wire this beast 'cause I don't wanna fry it.. Gotta be a model from the 60s or 70s.. Believe it reads 'made from Pot Metal'

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No idea if THIS is the same company, but you could check them out to see.

Generally, tach wiring goes:

Red- switched 12VDC power source
Black- ground
White- lights
Yellow- sometimes used for the tach light, have seen yellow used for a magneto as the source instead of green
Green- coil “-” (negative) or “TACH” terminal

As for the yellow and blue, I do not know for sure. SOME tachs use blue on the "+" (positive) side of the coil. It could also be something w/selecting for 4/6/8 cylinder engine or for hooking up magnetic pick up distributors.

The red, black, white and green wiring colors are used on many tachs as shown. However, yours may be different. I'd check the wiring for the light w/a meter at the bulb socket. Red and black are almost certainly positive and negative.
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