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I just completed rebuilding the short block for my 357?
(350 .040 over). The pistons are in the deck .015.
I have read that total clearance (head gasket thickness + deck clearance) is between .025 to .045.

I went to the KB site and used their compression ratio calculator.
Using my info the following ratios came out:
Gasket thickness Static comp
.015 9.992
.030 9.654
.041 9.420
I have heard it is not good to use the .015 with an Iron block and aluminum heads. I was thinking of using a copper or composite with a thickness of .030.

Here's the engine/vehicle info.

350 .040 over , decked, align honed, sonic tested, magnafluxed
Scat crank
Stock chevy rods (magnafluxed, straightened, shotpeened)
KB 106 7cc flat hyper utectic
Comp cams 12-239-3 Dur @.050 218/226 Lift 462/480
AFR 180 street heads
Air Gap
Holley 4778 700cfm
MDS 6AL and Billet distributor
1 5/8 shorty headers
2 1/2 exhaust into CC inserts
Vehicle weight 2400 lbs
3:89 gears
Mostly street, occasional drag pass.

Should I go with the .015, .030 or .041 head gasket.
Sorry I was long winded.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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