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Head Gaskets really torqued only once?

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So I on this 540 after I torqued the heads with felpro 1017 gaskets, I realized I needed the heads loose to thread in the studs that go into the underside of the heads from the lifter valley. Anyways, if your familiar with the underside studs or not, here is the question:
I know these head gaskets are one time use only. But if you only torque the head, and then untorque it, and then reinstall it, do you think leaks will ensue? I know anything is possible, when I removed the head after I torqued it, there was a fair amount of the blue sealant material stuck to the head surface.
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I think you'll be fine. Leaks would be eminent if you let those gaskets heat up and then loosened, adjusted, and tried to re-use. But if you only tightened them up a little and then had to adjust, you should be just fine. But then again, like you said, there's always a possibility. But if it makes you feel any better, i'm sure just about everyone who gives advice on this forum has had to make head adjustments after tightening a few bolts before. But hey, if all goes bad, it will be a mistake you never make again!
for a few extra dollars you can buy new ones and not have to worry about anything. look at it like this spend a few extra $$$ right now and not worry about it. or reuse the ones you have and if it leaks you have to replace the head gaskets and the intake gaskets and then the time to tear it apart and then put it all back together. SO to me I would replace the head gaskets
You should be alright 540neverdone, I have used a fel pro head gasket on my 350 more than once but it was never heated. Actually for a similar reason. Like what ap0001 said "Leaks would be eminent if you let those gaskets heat up and then loosened, adjusted, and tried to re-use".
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