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cheech beach said:
I have Sanderson headers with a ceramic silver coating on my roadster, one side
has developed a crack. My question is can this be welded (maybe tig) without
needing to redo the coating? The headers and pipes are about 4 years old and they have faded slightly but still look good. Would the coating need to be grinded away to weld the crack? I'm trying to save some cash, these pipes were very expensive, and I dont want to replace them if possible.
Thanks Cheech
Mine (Sandersons) cracked on the forward facing side of the front tube on both sides - I sent them to Jet Hot and they repaired the crack and recoated them. You cannot tig through that ceramic coating without damaging it - i.e. grinding it clean. I sold the car a couple of years later - and the new owner said they cracked again, same place. If it's a 'bucket kind of arrangement hanging w/o brackets, they do need some support and I didn't do it so "paid the price" as did he
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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