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First off I Apologize in advance because I'm sure this has been asked before a million times and if its not entirely appropriate for this board but I'm really getting desperate here. This is for my 1994 Dodge shadow that uses the same 2 position headlight switch that most older Mopar products used from the mid 70's until the mid 90's. Its the kinda funky shaped 9 way connector that the switch plugs into. mine is crumbling to the touch and almost caused a fire tonight coming home from work.

Does anyone after market make a pigtail type repair connector to replace the crumbling ones ? Searched all the resources I know off and have come up empty handed.

Nearest junkyard is an hour away from me and there selection is mostly newer stuff now so thats not a sure thing.

Thanks for any help. Craig

(and now I'll introduce myself and my main reason for being here in the appropriate place)
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