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Heads and cam for 350ci SBC

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I am new to all this engine building and I just need some help. I have a 350ci sbc that is bored .40 over, has a Edelbrock performer intake, 650cfm Holley carburetor, headers and the block a 1 rear main seal it a block that wasade between 1988-1994. Anyways I got it rebuilt about 5 years ago it's got 12000kms on it so low mileage. I want to switch the heads on it and cam. Or if there are other ways of making good horsepower I would like to know as well anything will help. But to start what would be some good heads that I can just put on as well as a nice cam? I'd appreciate the help and it it mated to a th350 with a shift kit and I am not sure how much power I can pit to it without bad thongs happening. Anyways please someone help as I said just starting out in this and I would love some help.
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Go there I don't know what heads or cam are in it now, because a guy rebuilt it for me. I know the block was a 350ci built from 1988-1994. I have 3:73 gearing in the back. I have a b&m quicksilver shifter it is automatic but I hav the ratchet shifter so I can use it for manual shifting too. If you need the casting number for the heads where do I fond that number on the heads I have? The car is a 1985 cutlass supreme and I drive it maybe once or twice a week and I want a fast car so am looking for food hotsepower numbers. I am just curious what to do with the heads and cams I hope that helps. I'll check back later
Well I presume it's a stock torque converter. Yes it's a street car. Well I am just trying to decide wether to go with a procharger for power or just build the engine. Oh and the compression is 9:1. So I am willing to spend about $4000 either way. Just trying to figure out my best bang for my buck. Thanks for the help and I understand why you have to ask all the questions. You are helping me so totally cool. I appreciate all the responses.
Thanks for all the suggestions I will get the number of the heads tomorrow and then hopefully I can get a better idea of where to go. I have headers and dual exhaust with flowmaster exhaust. They sound really nice. Have a good night everyone and I'll talk to you tomorrow.
Well I was thinking about the 383 but I was just seeing if I could get that type of horsepower from what I've got and I am working to become a mechanic and I would love to get more experience working on the engine I have as well as I wouldn't have to get rid of my engine I have nowhere to store it. I live in a condo. Thanks for the suggestion though. When I got this 350 built the guy told me after that I should've made a 383 I was like why didnt you tell me that earlier. Anyways I will get the casting numbers up tonight for my heads thanks guys. Have a good day everyone.
Hi everyone well I got the cylinder head casting number which I'd 14102183 and the block number is 14093638. I hope those are the right numbers anyways hope you guys can help me.
Awesome thanks for the reply. So my question is how much horsepower do you think I will get with that? Also can I use a procharger with this combo. Just for future reference.
I have a double roller timing chain on it right now can I reuse it? Also what did you mean about the pistons. I believe they are flat top pistons if that help and yeah I will be switching out the carb and intake as well. My compression rift now is 9:1 and on the procharger site it says that's exactly what it suppose to be. Thanks for the help and what did you mean I wouldn't be able to use the forced induction on it? How come?
cool rockin daddy said:
What do you think happens to your compression ratio when you put heads that have smaller chambers on them. Start thinking and planning. I am constantly amazed how people will listen to what people they don't know say on these boards, take it as the gospel, and don't educate themselves on the building and design of engines. I give you kudos for actually going to the Procharger site, most don't even do that. But you must remember, what you get on these boards is OPINION. You teach yourself, you can decide for yourself.
Hi there thanks for your opinion, but the thing is that I am just learning about building engines. So if I didn't get other people's opinions I wouldn't know where else to start. I have been trying to research it on my own but thought I would ask the question in here where people who have done it before can help me out. Again thanks for your opinion but if I followed what you wanted me to do I would end up messing something up and I just don't want to waste money. Take care.
bigdog7373 said:
Normally when you run forced induction you use a forged rotating assembly. And as far as you have told me, you dont have it. Also the heads i gave you will put you at a 9.5:1 cr. That will put you in range for 87 octane but will also give you some extra horses. If you want to use forced induction then you will need to build it differently. Different heads, different carb, different cam, double keyway crank snout, etc... So basically nothing i have suggested will apply if you want to used forced induction. The setup i gave you will be good for around 400 horses.
Hi there that's cool I guess so you said I would be in the 87 octane area does that mean that I can't use 94 octane, i know it's a weird question but I always thought the higher octane the better performance. Thanks again for your help.
Well that's good to know I'll check out some books on it for sure. Saves me some money. Well for right now I wouldn't mind having around 400hp but eventually I might want to have forced induction. What would I have together for that you think? I don't mind how much it costs, I have a two jobs so I can save up quick. Thanks again.
Ok well then I guess my question is what do I need to get for a forced induction build then because I want to get the blower too. Eventually or if I can only build the engine with the supercharger what would be everything I need for that?will a th350 trans work with the build as well. I know I need a blow throughout carb going o switch out the driveshaft and maybe swi h to a 12 bolt rear end. But if you could give me what I need for the engine that would be awesome. Take care and sorry for all the mix up.
Hi everyone, well I'm looking for 600 horsepower at the most. I thank everyone for their help. I was going to go with forged parts I have done a lot of work to my car already I have a whole new Edelbrock suspension kit that I have added it's got a 10 bolt rear end in it right now but want to switch to a 12 bolt. My brother has a Shelby gt500 and looking to keep up with him. I am going to the library tomorrow to get a book on engines, I don't mind either taking my time on this build and I just would love some help to get my engine to those numbers. I am going to be beefing up the other parts of the car I need to but just wanted to get suggestions on engine stuff. Thanks everyone for your ideas and I will talk soon.
68NovaSS said:
Why a blow through carb?? Are you planning a turbo or supercharger? If you have 9.5 c.r., that needs to be changed, for a medium boost supercharged motor you want something in the 8:1 range, maybe even lower. At 9.5:1 static, 8 lbs of boost will net you 14.7:1 under boost. Depending on your power level, you will want to address that 12 bolt, universal jolints, etc, give it some beef. The 350 will hold up for a while, again, depending on power levels and driving style. Motor internals...same thing, how much power do you want and how much insurance? Forged vs. case vs. hyper pistons, good rods, bolts, boost ignition retard, maybe an injection system to help with detonation, it goes on and on.
Hi there I actually have 9:1 compression and if you read the procharger site they say that they have sbc 350 carved kits I know the engine has to handle the power but also on there they say the best compression for the kit is 9:1 which I have in my car already thanks for your suggestions.
Ok thanks I guess I will be selling my 350. Anyone want to buy a 350? Jk ok well i will let you guys know how the build is coming and I'll post pics of my car. Bye for now.
I know I meant I would sell it and buy a 383. I know you can make one out of a 350ci. I bet you thought what an idiot no I know that though
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