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Heads and cam for 350ci SBC

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I am new to all this engine building and I just need some help. I have a 350ci sbc that is bored .40 over, has a Edelbrock performer intake, 650cfm Holley carburetor, headers and the block a 1 rear main seal it a block that wasade between 1988-1994. Anyways I got it rebuilt about 5 years ago it's got 12000kms on it so low mileage. I want to switch the heads on it and cam. Or if there are other ways of making good horsepower I would like to know as well anything will help. But to start what would be some good heads that I can just put on as well as a nice cam? I'd appreciate the help and it it mated to a th350 with a shift kit and I am not sure how much power I can pit to it without bad thongs happening. Anyways please someone help as I said just starting out in this and I would love some help.
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"How can you guys suggest parts when you know almost nothing about the engine or the rest of the car?"

Was thinking the same thing, Bigdog. That "recommended" cam might necessitate changing the converter if automatic. 195 cc heads are right on the ragged edge of being too big for a street car. 180 cc volume heads would be a better choice, but the best heads for a street car would be 062 Vortecs or the Bowtie 180 Vortecs. But as you said, it's all useless without knowing the details of the car and it's intended use.
You need to go to the Procharger site and get their recommendations for using one of their superchargers, specifically compression ratio. You CANNOT slap some new heads on an engine now with the idea of supercharging it later without knowing the type of pistons you have, how far in the cylinder they are a TDC, and what the cc of the chamber on heads are. You have to PLAN your engine out, especially if you want it to live with a supercharger.
What do you think happens to your compression ratio when you put heads that have smaller chambers on them. Start thinking and planning. I am constantly amazed how people will listen to what people they don't know say on these boards, take it as the gospel, and don't educate themselves on the building and design of engines. I give you kudos for actually going to the Procharger site, most don't even do that. But you must remember, what you get on these boards is OPINION. You teach yourself, you can decide for yourself.
Sorry but I just think you're heading down a path you are nowhere near ready to follow. You don't appear to be able to figure out compression ratio, don't understand what octane does, and just seem to be looking for a grocery list of parts. Good luck in your build.
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