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I wanted to say hello and follow protocol of introducing myself. I live in Florida and have been lurking on your fine website for some time now, learning as much as I could so that my questions would not seem too idiotic.

I'm working on trying to build a 427 all alum. SBC for my 76 vette. I'm researching as much as I can before ordering anything. As some of you can imagine, I'm running into a few trouble spots since I'm staying with a World Motown w/9.025 deck height. I'm determined to go all aluminum and want to use Crower Ultralite crank, Crower Stroker Billet rods, JE -28cc Pistons, 5psi Holley Blower and 175HP NOS, Hyd. Roller Retro small base circle cam. 6k shift points. how many of these will I get I wonder? :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

Anyway, Hi! So glad this forum is available to all us that need the Knowledge base this forum provides. Wish me luck!!! Where is the loan department on here BTW?? :mwink:

Best regards,


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