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Hello All

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Hello all.
I am new to this forum as I just found it through our friend, Google.

I am looking for some help finding things for my car so I could be around this site for awhile as you all seem knowledgable, while I am not so much.

I'm not the biggest hands on guy, as I am 16 years old and I am not the most interested in automotives.

I can pick up on things generally quick, but most of all... I want to get my car to looking good through some simple upgrades which my small paycheck can afford.

Anyways... my car is a 1978 Buick Skylark. All original with a goldish paint. Only 25,800 original miles on it, currently. It had 18,075 when I bought it, but... I have put a few miles on it since then as I have moved states between Texas and Oklahoma a couple of times.

A few things I plan on doing soon...
-Getting a new transmission as my car does not have overdrive.
-Getting a new paint job as mine has faded. I am looking to make it black with the original "gold" as dual stripes down the center (or possibly on the side instead, I haven't decided).
-Getting some light work done such as custom seat covers (to keep the original seats in good condition) along with a tint job.
-Replacing the bumper lining on front and back. I'm not sure what you call this part, but it was plastic and has completely broken off on front and back. It rests between the bumper and the car.
-Adding Dual Exhaust

A few more things may be in mind, but these are the small things that I am focusing on.
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Welcome to the site... :thumbup:
Thanks for the welcome guys.
By the way... here is my car.

Let me know what you guys think and what you guys would think of a black paint job with the original gold color as stripes on the side of the car.
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