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hope to someday have a cool street rod chevy truck, but for now i'm looking for some technical advice.
i have a 1970 gmc 3/4 ton w/ 350 & 350 trans. everything was good until a couple weeks ago. it has become hard to start and started running rough when cold and hiccuped when i hit the gas. i thought it was the carb. i adjusted the mixture screws and cleaned w carb spray best i could on my 1 year new edelbrock 1405 (600cfm) carb and it seemed to help. but now it is even harder to start (won't start). all i get is a smoking and stalling starter and a backfire now and again??? it is getting gas. plugs look pretty clean. vacuum lines look good. i think the timing might be off? i don't know. i'm getting frustrated, but want to learn how to do it on my own. The carb has no choke hooked up, but that has never been an issue before since the temps here range from 60-80 pretty much year round.
now the starter (small high torque model) might be done. it smokes, smells and binds intermitantly now. did i blow it or what?
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