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hello fellow rodders,

being an old schoo rodder i was pleased to find this forum. it seems there is a mix of new blood and oldsters like myself involved here . good to se as we can all learn from each other.

my rodding started in the early sixties being introduced to slot cars by my uncle who raced stock cars at canfield speedway and raced the toy cars in the winter.

in 1965 i built my first rod, a 1940 chevy with gmc truck power. thought those little wheelies over coke bottles were cool. lol

after high school i played at drag racing until realizing i couldnt afford to compete. then went off road racing until 1997 and in between it all being into hot rods.

building a volks rod highboy at the moment wit plans for a vw tack roadster pickup after the highboy with buick v6 power and conventional drive.

as always - if i cant fabricate or machine t , ill do without. rodding is building to me. no factory hot rod trailer quenns here.


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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