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Hello guys.......... newbie here, been reading up on headliners, I want to go from bows to a board with a design in it and had my chevelle done for maybe 3 years now and its time for change !!!!.... santa brought me 4 black and 2 red leather hides so its time to try 4 buckets, a custom console from dash to package tray and a new board headliner with a design in it too !!!

I have been doing interior as a hobby for 2 years now and as I said its time to change the chevelle !!!!!!!!!! the nova is still fairly new so its safe for the

I built both cars with help from buddies of course, both have big blocks with the chevelle having an 871 on it..... its 505 cubic inches of pure

anyway, I'll try to post some pics of them and of a couple of seats I have done too....... Thanks guys...... Eddie


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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