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Hello from the frozen Tundra of Mid America!

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:welcome: I'm a die hard Mopar man but I love all old cars. My Dad is an old flathead guy. I can remember as a kid on the farm watching my dad overhaul the engine from his 55 chevy stock truck. He pulled it out with the tractor/loader and layed it on a sheet of plywood on the dirt floor of our single car garage. When he was done it ran like a Swiss watch. That,along with my big brothers Car Craft and Popular Hot Rodding magazines paved the road to my future!

Now I am a full fledged Gear Head!! and I love it!!!

Wanted; Motor Wheel Spyders, any size , any condition
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Welcome to the board :welcome: always room for another at this table..

Welcome to the Hotrodders Bulletin Board. :welcome:
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