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Hello! Looking for my dad's old car

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Greetings, Rodders!

I'll cut straight to the chase:
I am trying to locate my dad's old 1932 Plymouth 3 Window Coupe. He bought it in 1991 in Washington State where it had been sitting under a tree.

He sold it in 1998, still in Washington state to a guy named Jim Caine (unsure of spelling). It's possible that the car was sold at Hot August Nights in Reno, NV sometime around 2000.

When my dad sold it, it was in the following specs:

32 Plymouth radiator
Mustang ii front end all custom using Ford disc brakes
29 Dodge frame American Graffiti yellow
Motor mounts intended to drop SBC into a Jeep
1965ish Impala 327 bored 30 over with 194 heads, Edelbrock intake, Carter AFB, Comp XE, we can't recall the grind. Essentially built to LT1 Corvette spec with block hugger headers going into some temporary side pipes which just hung off the headers and exited roughly at the center of the doors

Turbo Hydramatic 400 I think with a shift kit
No drive shaft
69 Chevelle SS 12 bolt posi rear end mounted with coil springs and ladder bars. Rear end was never narrowed. Rubbers were 14 inches wide
Brake master mounted on driver frame rail
Dad machined a custom aluminum brake pedal lever and round pedal with knurled finish

****-brown primer
Flat firewall
Plywood covered in black vinyl for the roof insert
My dad redid all of the interior wood kit
Black cloth bucket seats
69 Chevelle SS steering column
Hole cut in the driver's side for a pickup truck gas tank
Rear fascia under the deck lid was all rotted to hell and gone real bad. My dad ended up doing something unique and custom to fix it. It'll be the only one like it in the world.

Some asshole had cut a fist sized hole in the trunk floor for battery cables. I know my dad patched it but I don't know if he finished bodyworking that patch. He mounted the battery on the passenger side of the trunk and used rubber grommets to run battery cables made from welding leads inside the frame rail.

At this time, I am simply looking to locate the car and find out what happened to it. I don't have the money to buy it. My dad is slightly curious, but I don't think he'll want to buy it back, either.

Not sure how to add a photo. Using Chrome on my Android...

Any help would be greatly appreciated
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I think I figured out how to add a pic. Let me know if y'all can see it. I asked dad to send me more pics
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