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hi guys i have been reading this forum for about 6 months and have found it to be very helpful.

thx for the time you guys put in to answer our questions... i guess this doesnt work without all of us though.

i have a 1985 trans am w/ a 383 bowtie , 282 lunati cam, weiand stealth intake, spreadbore holley 4011, pro topline heads.. 64cc chambers ect... mated to a 700r4 built by wilsons trans here in OKC. still a work in progress... i am rewiring the whole car and it has turned out to be quite a challange also... but i have always loved the look of the 3rd gen firebird.. just never liked the power the put out in the 80's. i had the fortune to pick this one up cheap and am enjoying the build.

hope to get to know you guys abit better. Aaron
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