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Ok, I was replacing the battery, it's in the trunk, on my 68 Camaro, when my wife asked if she could "help". I heard a snap and smelled the dreaded burnt plastic. I yanked the cables off! Well, I don't think they taught "+" or "-" in Louisiana schools! If they did she was texting!

I found the burnt line and replaced. It was an "acc" line. I put key in the ignition and NOTHING !!

My question:pain::pain::pain: Where do I start? I know the "+" line runs directly to the starter, do you think that the starter solenoid is fried? Would that be the best plce to look? What should I look for?

Oh, yea! I JUST GOT EVERYTHING DIALED IN! I was dressing everything in! Typical!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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