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I am working on a car that has had two previous resprays. The car has a 100% rust free pan and minimal body rust. My plan is to paint is in a single stage paint, either single stage urethane or acrylic enamel.

I need to know what is the best primer to use before I paint. I am not going to bring the vehicle to bare metal but have sanded it down to the original paint and original primer in some places. I have repaired some dents with metal 2 metal (used this cuz i had to finish the opened can) and the filler is still exposed. Some areas, especialy around the areas with filler and fenders, are still bare metal but the whole car is sanded smooth.

Do I have to use etching primer over the few bare metal spots?? What primer should I use over the filler and what primer should I use to cover the whole car before painting?
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