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torquer intakes will not be good for your application. Get a performer intake.

Need to give a little more information like gear ratio, converter stall, exhaust system, intended use, ect.

305 heads don't flow well. Get some vortec heads or a set or after market heads (dart iron eagles, sportsman II's, edelbrock, trickflow). Should be able to get a good set of heads for under 1000.00.

Gears, compression, head flow, exhaust, and intended use all dictate which cam will work the best. But from the information you gave so far, a cam in the 210 to 218 duration range with 108 lobe centers would be around the size you should be looking at.

And use a little more exhaust duration than intake if the exhaust is restricted or if the exhaust ports flow less than 75% of the intake port. For example, a 210/216 duration cam with 108 LSA will work well with a set of vortec heads with 9.0:1 cr, with a 2000 stall converter, and a 3.08 gear.

I like 108 lsa's with engines that have higher rod/stoke ratios, like the 327.
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