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I want to design a shirt...a t-shirt for my best guy friend for his birthday.

No money limit.

He eats, breathes and sleeps classic muscle cars.....I would assume that even his flatulence smells like car exhaust.

I am tired and my brain me with some witty remarks.

Thanks guys and gals!


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Your getting me a Tshirt? Cool ! Oh. it's not for me... :(

Here's some suggestions:

"My girlfriend likes The"

"My girlfriend will check my dipstick, will yours?"

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If my friend were looking for a shirt for me I think she would look at the collared, button-up, style kind of like a bowling shirt...

Maybe black with the front in blue and a little name plate on the left chest area like one of the guys at a service shop (his name here of course). Then on the back put a business with his name incorporated in it. For example for me she might put Luke's Vintage VW Werks on the back with a picture of my Bug under the text......

This would be a nice shirt he could wear anywhere. :pimp:

I know I have a bad habit of wearing any T-shirt I can find in the garage and they usually end up ruined......:nono:

Just the kind of thing that could turn my girlfriend into... :evil:

A nicer shirt may last longer... :thumbup:

Good luck!

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Heres a couple dumb ones i made up off the top of my head.

-Hotrodders do it from the rear.

-My stick shift is bigger than yours.

What you lookin at fool?

-LOOK OUT: Darwin Cantidate in action.



Last edited by Jon on 11-02-2004 at 10:17 AM
Reason for edit: obscenity

LMBO, since when is the word "asphault" obsenity? Jon you should have edited that word, NOT the whole dang sentance, now it looks like i sayd something disrespectful.

"big meats(TIRES) rippin up (BURNING OUT) the asphault (ROAD)." whats so bad about that ? dang man.
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