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hi all, i have recently acquired an Atlas Copco air compressor model LE6. now the only problem is i cannot find the specs of the compressor. as you can see i have some specs but what i want to know is the CFM rating, motor HP needed and also what are all those extra connections on the addon module with the hose going back into the air tank?

does anyone know anything about this model.. i have tried atlas copco website but they done have any info on the LE6 model.. all they have is LE5 and LE7, where is LE6?


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I usually just google the name and many times things show up that can help. I found a machinery sales website that said that their particular le6 output was 300 liters per minute.
They had a pic too, this one is a direct drive.

You could call an authorized dealer or repair guy also. They have the documentation from the past, and will know what the right HP is required for that pump.

The manufacturers websites ususlly ditch the obsolete models from thier product display.

Right here is an ebay store with parts/operating manuals for atlas copco compressors. That might be of some help also.

How do you know that pump is good?

With the specs that I see, I'd guess it is a 5 to 7 HP

10 bar is 145 PSI and 300 LPM (spec from the auction site)is about 10.6 CFM.

I found a website that said the le series had many different ratings. not uncommon for 1 pump to be used with several differently rated motors. Maybe spinning that pump up gets it into a higher rating. Most pumps that I've seen run in the 600 to 1000 rpm range.

In that pic it looks like that module with all the fittings may be part of the blow off valve. The lower port appears to go towards the pressure switch.
Some of those compressors are continuous run, some dump valves are mechanical, and maybe that hose goes back into the air cleaner to keep the discharge from the bypass/dump quiet. I'm just guessing here.

Later, mikey
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