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HELP --->Looking for interior buttons

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Looking for interior buttons for a 1963 Impala Convert
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Cars Inc.

They have some goodies like that----they also have the lower moulding on that panel----I used em for a color break in my 59 panels.

I find their website hard to explore, but if you can get phone contact with the Phoenix store--(upholstery & Door panel manufacture), the guys there are are pretty helpful.

I actually went to that location to chose door panel and headliner colors and materials for my 59---------57 colors in a 59 pattern. They were very helpful.

Check with older trim shops as you never know the old stuff they have laying around,some of those buttons are not replaceable as they were made into the panel during the manufacturing process. I would of liked to retain the buttons on the seats in my 65 country squire but they were not removeable so I did without. Jeff
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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