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help me ID this nos bumper i bought

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I bought 5 NOS bumpers from a passed away collector , he had tons of old car parts, anyway, The original sticker on it says "master number 164852" can anyone shed some light on this. I would post a picture but they are still wrapped in some type of oily paper and i don't want to stripe em right now, but i did peel back one corner and the chrome looks great.....Thanks...
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Picture is worth 1,000 words. Without pictures it is very hard to say what these great looking bumpers will fit.

I know pics would be nice but i was thinking somebody might have a manual to look up the numbers....I will try to get a pic. My guess is they are late 30's or 40's GM. My neighbor thought they might be 1943 chevy.....Real cute.......
I have ran your # everywhere and still not a thing. Cole
Btw. I should have mentioned, the sticker on them is GM, so they are chevy. Also i need positive id, if i post a pict. i know i will get 3 or 4 different queses....
awert said:
Btw. I should have mentioned, the sticker on them is GM, so they are chevy.
Or Buick. Or Cadillac. Or GMC. Or Pontiac. Or Oldsmobile. Or Opal, Acadian (1962–1971, Canada), Asüna (1993, Canada), Beaumont (1966–1969, Canada), Bedford Vehicles (1930–1987, UK), Elmore (1909–1912), Envoy (1960–1970, Canada), Geo (1989–1997), LaSalle (1927–1940), Marquette (1930), Oakland (1907–1931), Rapid Truck (1909–1912), Reliance Truck (1909–1912), Samson Tractor (tractor manufacturer- bumpers? Prolly not) (1917–1922), Statesman (1971–1984), Viking (1929–1931). (Thanks, Wiki!)

Who did I miss? Hummer, Saturn... :D

Also i need positive id, if i post a pict. i know i will get 3 or 4 different queses....
Ya think? :rolleyes:
Thanks eloc, At least someone tried to help, all i asked is weather someone can translate the GM numbers for me. Shooooo :rolleyes: I'm going to the "Back to the 50's" car show at the Mn. fair grounds on the 20th. I will be looking at bumpers I guess. Yea, I ruled out hummer and Saturn as they are very simple, as the 40's were....
All you need to do is post a photo and I am sure someone here will be able to tell you.

O.K. boys and girls, here are two pics. about 60 " long...I never posted a pic here before so bare with me....


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Looks like a 48ish Chevy.

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Could be 50/51 chevy car the bumpers on 50 chevy pickup look alot like it also. Cole
Yaa, there ya go..... The guy had several 49 and 50 chevy's , he had 15 cars, (worse than me) most ran and all were very clean and straight. so that's probably it......Dog dish comes with the dog,which goes with the bumper.......Thanks much...
Simply go to then click on "Images" and type in 1950 Chevy or what ever you want and you will see pages of photos of that car.

It is MOST CERTAINLY not a 49-52 Chevy ANYTHING. Not car, they wrap around the fenders, not truck, they are nearly flat and round at the ends.

Just google the photos and look.

Besides, if I had those for sale, not knowing what they are off of is sometimes a good thing. I would put them on eBay and with a list of every car and year they could fit so EVERYONE can find your ad. :D

yea. those arn't from a '49-'52 Chevy.. bumpers on those cars tilt straight in on the ends..

as brian said. looks like a '48 Chevy bumper
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