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10 Bolt 8.5" for a G-Body.
I do have the T&D Machine pinion depth tool and the Ratech pinion tool.
Both showed I needed a .011 pinion shim.
Tried the .011 shim and get a heel and toe contact.
Each time with a .009 back lash.
Measured multiple times.
Have never had an issue like this before.

Installed the original shim from the old factory gear .036.
Backlash is at .009

This is a new setup
Eaton Trutrac
3.55 US Gear
Timken bearings.

What do you all think of the pattern?
Any idea why I would get the .011 from the T&D, and get a bad pattern but the OE shim looks better and is smoother?



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That doesn't look too bad. The coast side looks a little deep, but the drive side look good. I don't know what would make it better. Does it feel nice and smooth with no noise when turning it fast with an axle?
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