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Help with carburetor repair (pics)

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The other day i was messing around with my car and decided to pull the carburetor off to give it good cleaning. After i did that i put it back on and started her up and you could a loud hissing sound from the engine (like whooshing air) so i fighured the carb was bolted on wrong and as i started to unbolt it, the corner piece were the bolt fits through broke off. I was wondering how i should go about repairing it cuz i figured id just weld it back on but was told not to weld on the carb. any help on this problem would be appreciated. thanks.
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You're probably going to have to replace the baseplate. Hopefully, it's a 600 and not a 750. You can find 600 baseplates on Ebay occasionally. 750 plates tend to be pricey, even if you can find one.
You can replace the base-plate, get one off another old holley, I wouldnt bother welding it either. Cole
JB WELD!! Ok, so maybe that's a really bad idea. But I guess it could be a "last-resort-because-I-have-no-other-car-to-drive" fix. Other than that, just replace the base plate.
I think even JB Weld will come up short on this one!

If you're desperate (or cheap- like me), you can screw the whole thing onto a 3/8" or so aluminum spacer.

This will require you to drill and tap the holes into the throttle plate and the broken corner, and use countersunk flat head machine screws up through the spacer. The holes in the spacer should be large enough for the screws to pass through freely- no threads.

Don't forget to gasket the carb to the spacer.
Replace the base plate is the best way to go or you will have vacum leak if you JB weld the corner back on.
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